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"This is an incredible guide. Perfect combination of educational and actionable. It's a great sidekick to give me and others confidence to fight through the chaos and kick out imposter syndrome."
adam masters

Made for:

  • New & aspiring PM ready to do great work
  • IC PM with <5 years of experience ready to level up your career
  • Product leader ready to level up your team
"The Toolkit has been immediately actionable. I’m already using the OKR template with my teams this week!"
jiovan melendez
Director of Product
"I had a lot of light-bulb moments. The examples are most useful. I wish this were available to me when I started my PM journey 3 years ago."
ngoc doan
Senior PM

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27 proven templates

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Essentials Kit

58 lessons

65 real-world examples

27 proven templates

6 video tutorials:  manage up, lead brainstorms, build roadmap, score opportunities, present goals

12 bonus lessons: how to negotiate and advance career

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Premium Kit

58 lessons

65 real-world examples

27 proven templates

6 video tutorials:  manage up, lead brainstorms, build roadmap, score opportunities, present goals

12 bonus lessons: negotiation and how to advance career

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45-minute 1:1 coaching:  tailor materials to your exact needs

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What people say

"What I have found is astronomical in value especially for someone going into tech from a low represented background."
sabrina mohamed
Aspiring PM
"I love the examples, they are gold. This is the missing piece with theoretical education. This is real and I can get to work straightaway."
umar wani
"The toolkit was really well worth the money! Particularly liked: real-life examples like bad OKRs and getting to real numbers."
donatas stirbys
Product owner
"It's a great sign when I find myself saying: 'I wish I knew this before'."
jason bach
"Your content is truly top-notch. I built a few products but your Toolkit gave more insight that I missed."
Mattie Okunwe
Aspiring PM
"I found the frameworks and templates to be excellent. Thought it was well structured and easy to browse. I liked the 1:1 template a lot!"
zane salim
"I've already referenced this toolkit multiple times - it's been my home-base."
sydney cho
"I love how specific and structured the toolkit is. I now have clarity on what I want to build in Q1 and Q2."
kimsia sim
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Full list of topics

70 lessons, 65 examples, 27 templates covering:

Career strategy♟️

  • Negotiate like a baller
  • Thrive in your first 90 days
  • Manage your manager
  • Advance your career

Planning 🗓️

  • Lead planning
  • Run productive brainstorms
  • Compose a roadmap
  • Prioritize like a portfolio
  • Set focused OKRs
  • Report OKR progress

Execution ⚒️

  • Project manage with pizzaz
  • Interview customers
  • Scope features
  • Design winning experiments
  • Make insightful dashboards
  • Run effective meetings

Why a Toolkit?

When I started building products, I had no idea where to start. I tried: 

  • Books & articles — hit or miss ❌
  • Courses — theory over practice ❌
  • Generic advice — hard to apply ❌

Skip the guesswork and anxiety. Start taking action with the Toolkit. 🎬

Hi, I'm Linda!

  • Promoted to Group PM at Faire (multibillion-dollar startup) in <2 years
  • Turned down Instagram senior PM offer
  • Only worked 40-50 hours most weeks because I had a system for solving problems, which I share in the Toolkit
  • Write a free newsletter to help 6000+ people accelerate their career

I made the Toolkit I wish I had to guide me from new PM to Group PM.

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Can I expense this / get an invoice?

Yes! Here's a note you can use. You will also be issued an invoice upon purchase.

Is there a refund policy?

If you don't get value from the Toolkit, I will offer you a full refund within 30 days of purchase! Only thing I ask is for feedback to improve.

Which kit should I buy?

Depends on your budget! If you'd like to dip your toes, try the Starter Kit. But for everything you need, including in-depth videos, Essentials Kit is best. Premium Kit is useful if you'd like to tailor the materials to your exact needs.

Is this a video course?

The Toolkit uses the best format to convey ideas. Most of the time, it's writing + illustrations. A few concepts are better explained by video and appear in the Essentials and Premium Kit. 🙂

Is this relevant to internal products?

Yes, the materials still apply.

Will this help me transition into PM?

The Toolkit is not an interview prep course, but will give you real examples and templates to do great work.

Do I get access to future updates?

You will get free lifetime access to any updates made to the Toolkit.

Where can I learn more?

I've written over 50 articles covering how to build products, make career transitions, and feel great while doing it! You can also find me on Twitter.

I have another question

Happy to help:

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